Rayhanne, rugby player, talks about her experience in Drag Race France (VIDEO): Current Woman Le MAG

Rayhanne, rugby player, talks about her experience in Drag Race France (VIDEO): Current Woman Le MAG

From Rugby Player to Drag Queen: A Transformation Story

Imagine going from a virile rugby player to a glamorous bearded drag queen in just two hours. That’s exactly what the members of the Les Coqs Festifs rugby team experienced during a famous makeover event for a drag race show. The final competitors of the France 2 broadcast were tasked with transforming these rugged rugby players into stunning drag queens.

A Journey of Self-Exploration

Rayhanne, one of the players who underwent this impressive metamorphosis, shared his thoughts with Simone’s microphone during the recording of the final episode. Teaming up with Piche, a bearded gypsy drag queen, Rayhanne discovered a side of himself he had never explored before and fell in love with it. He described the experience of testing drag as nothing short of amazing.

The Aftermath: Unexpected Reactions

After the episode aired on Friday, August 18, 2023, Rayhanne received an overwhelming amount of reactions. While he expected congratulations, he was stunned to receive messages of gratitude. One person even shared that they decided to embrace drag after watching Rayhanne’s participation. For Rayhanne, this was a significant win.

Diversity within the LGBT Community


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Rayhanne passionately emphasizes the diversity that exists within the LGBT community. Being gay himself, he acknowledges that there are many different ways to express one’s identity. He firmly believes that every man possesses a part of femininity, just as every woman has a part of masculinity. In his view, accepting and embracing these aspects of ourselves is crucial.

Rayhanne’s message is clear: it’s not necessary to express every aspect of our identity, but it’s important to accept and respect others who do. This lesson in tolerance is one that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Embracing Individuality and Cultivating Self-Acceptance

Rayhanne’s journey from rugby player to drag queen is a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing our individuality and cultivating self-acceptance. Society often tries to fit individuals into rigid boxes, but Rayhanne’s story challenges these preconceived notions.

He urges everyone to recognize that our identities are fluid and that there is beauty in embracing all aspects of ourselves, regardless of societal expectations. In a world that often pushes conformity, Rayhanne’s transformation serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and empowerment.

Whether we identify as straight, gay, or within the vast spectrum of gender and sexuality, we all have the capacity to explore and express different facets of our personalities. By doing so, we not only learn more about ourselves but also foster a greater understanding and acceptance of others.

FAQs Rayhanne, rugby player, talks about her experience in Drag Race France

Can anyone participate in drag events?

Absolutely! Drag is an art form that welcomes people from all walks of life. Whether you are a rugby player or a banker, drag provides an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

Do you have to be gay to participate in drag?

No, being gay is not a prerequisite for participating in drag events. Drag is a form of entertainment that transcends sexual orientation and allows individuals to explore different aspects of their personalities.

What are some drag queen makeup tips?

Drag queen makeup is known for its bold and exaggerated look. Some tips include using a full-coverage foundation, contouring to enhance facial features, and creating dramatic eye makeup with false lashes. It’s also important to have fun and experiment with different colors and styles!

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