Oww! Blac Chyna shocks fans by posting video of her agonising SIXTH facial filler dissolving op

Oww! Blac Chyna shocks fans by posting video of her agonising SIXTH facial filler dissolving op

Blac Chyna’s Dramatic Make-Under: Dissolving Facial Fillers

In a surprising turn of events, Blac Chyna has once again captured the attention of her fans with a shocking video posted on social media. This time, the 35-year-old former model has decided to undergo her sixth procedure to dissolve her facial fillers, leaving her admirers astonished. Blac Chyna, who recently turned to spirituality and now prefers to be called by her birth name Angela White, attributes her transformation to her newfound spiritual journey.
The decision to undergo yet another operation came after the fillers on her face started to migrate, causing her discomfort. Determined to rectify the situation, she decided to document the process of getting Hylenex injections at Allure Laser in Los Angeles. Sharing the videos on her Instagram account, she expressed her excitement about the procedure, proclaiming, “So I’m back again. I’m about to get this dissolved. I’m super excited about it.”
Blac Chyna’s decision to dissolve her facial fillers showcases her commitment to embracing a more natural and authentic appearance. It also serves as a testament to her willingness to be transparent with her followers, allowing them to witness her journey firsthand. As her fans eagerly await the results and continue to support her, it is clear that Blac Chyna’s transformation continues to captivate and inspire.

Blac Chyna’s Journey to a “Make-Under”

Blac Chyna’s decision to undergo her sixth facial filler removal procedure has left fans astonished and intrigued. The 35-year-old former model, who has recently embraced spirituality and desires to go by her birth name Angela White, attributes her profound spiritual journey as the catalyst for her dramatic “make-under.” Blac Chyna’s motivation for another operation arose when she experienced discomfort caused by the migration of her fillers downward on her face. In an attempt to rectify this issue, she documented the process of receiving Hylenex injections at Allure Laser in Los Angeles, sharing the videos on her Instagram account with an accompanying caption that expressed her excitement for the procedure.
This recent episode is part of a larger transformation that began in March, when Blac Chyna made the decision to embark on a life-changing journey. This involved the removal of breast and butt injections, as well as the dissolution of her facial fillers. Blac Chyna expressed her desire to return to a more natural look, hoping to restore her appearance to a baseline that reflects her true self. She candidly admitted that her previous use of fillers had altered her facial features to an extent where she felt she resembled the infamous Jigsaw mask from the popular “Saw” film franchise, particularly when she contoured her cheeks.

The Painful Procedure and the Results So Far

Following her previous surgeries to remove breast and butt injections, Blac Chyna’s decision to dissolve her facial fillers demonstrates her determination to embrace a more natural appearance. Despite the pain she experienced during the Hylenex injections, her excitement about the potential outcome suggests that she is eager to see the final results. Blac Chyna’s journey towards a more authentic self is not only physical but also spiritual, as she has recently turned to God and expressed her desire to use her birth name, Angela White. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates on her progress, as Blac Chyna continues to navigate this transformational phase of her life. Through sharing videos of her procedures on social media, she is allowing her followers to witness her journey in real-time, offering a glimpse into the process of achieving her desired make-under.

Blac Chyna’s Transformation and Spiritual Awakening

Blac Chyna’s decision to dissolve her facial fillers is just one aspect of her larger quest for self-discovery and fulfillment. She has been vocal about the importance of embracing her true identity and shedding the layers of her past image. This transformation is not only inspiring her fans but also serving as a reminder that beauty comes from within. As she continues to document her journey on social media, Blac Chyna’s vulnerability and transparency are resonating with many people who may also be seeking their own path to self-acceptance and personal growth. It remains to be seen what other changes lie ahead for Blac Chyna, but one thing is for certain – her determination to live an authentic life is unwavering.

Blac Chyna’s Drastic Changes and Future Plans

Blac Chyna has expressed that her decision to undergo these changes is not only for herself but also for her children. She wants to set a positive example for them and show them the importance of self-acceptance and personal growth. Fans have been both supportive and intrigued by Blac Chyna’s transformation. Many have praised her for being open and honest about her experiences, as it encourages others to embrace their own journey towards self-improvement. As Blac Chyna continues on her make-under journey, it will be interesting to see how her evolving appearance and newfound spirituality will continue to shape her life and career.


Blac Chyna’s journey towards a more natural and authentic self has been met with both support and curiosity from her fans and the public. Many are praising her for embracing her true self, while others are curious about the impact this make-under will have on her career as a model and entrepreneur. With each procedure she undergoes to remove her fillers, Blac Chyna becomes a symbol of self-acceptance and the pursuit of inner happiness. Her decision to share her journey on social media has allowed her fans to feel connected and inspired by her transformation. As Blac Chyna continues to document her make-under, the world eagerly watches to see the final result and how it will shape her future endeavors.

FAQs Blac Chyna shocks fans by posting video of her agonising SIXTH facial filler dissolving op

Q: What are Hylenex injections?

A: Hylenex injections are used to dissolve facial fillers and are an effective way to reverse the effects of dermal fillers.

Q: Why did Blac Chyna decide to remove her facial fillers?

A: Blac Chyna felt that her facial fillers had migrated down her face and altered her appearance in a way that she was no longer comfortable with.

Q: What inspired Blac Chyna’s “make-under” journey?

A: Blac Chyna’s inspiration for her “make-under” journey came from her desire to return to a more natural, baseline look and embrace her authentic self.

Q: How has Blac Chyna’s spiritual awakening influenced her transformation?

A: Blac Chyna’s spiritual awakening has played a significant role in her transformation, prompting her to make changes not only in her appearance but also in her lifestyle and beliefs.

Q: What other changes does Blac Chyna plan to make as part of her make-under?

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