Manipur violence viral video: Sixth Arrest Made as Survivors Seek Justice

In recent days, a shocking and deeply disturbing incident came to light in the Indian state of Manipur. A video showing two women being paraded naked in public by dozens of men went viral, sparking outrage and calls for justice across the country. This article delves into the incident, the subsequent legal actions taken, and the societal impact it has had.

Manipur Violence Viral Video: Days After a Horrifying Incident, Justice Demands Heard

The Manipur Violence Incident: A Horrifying Video Surfaces

Background of the Incident

The incident took place in Manipur, a northeastern state in India, where gender-based violence has been a longstanding issue. While Manipur boasts a rich cultural heritage, such incidents have cast a dark shadow over the state’s reputation.

The Viral Video

The video, which quickly spread on social media platforms, depicted a disturbing scene of two women being stripped and paraded in public. The act was allegedly perpetrated by a group of men, causing widespread shock and condemnation.

Public Outrage and Demands for Justice

Public Outrage and Demands for Justice

Social Media Outcry

As the video gained traction on social media, netizens expressed their horror and disgust at the heinous act. The incident sparked a storm of online protests, with people demanding swift action against the perpetrators.

Protests in Manipur

The incident also prompted large-scale protests in Manipur. People from different walks of life came together to voice their anger and solidarity with the victims. The public outcry put pressure on the authorities to take immediate action.

Legal Action Taken

Arrests Made

In response to the mounting pressure, law enforcement agencies swiftly swung into action. The authorities arrested several suspects allegedly involved in the incident. However, the public demanded that everyone responsible be brought to justice.

Survivor’s Plea in Supreme Court

The survivors of the horrifying incident approached the Supreme Court seeking justice and protection. Their plea urged the court to ensure that the guilty are punished and measures are taken to prevent such incidents in the future.

CJI-led Bench’s Response

Chief Justice of India (CJI)-led bench acknowledged the urgency and sensitivity of the case and decided to hear the petition without delay. This move gave hope to the survivors and sent a message that justice would be served.

Analysis of the Societal Impact

Gender-Based Violence in India

The shocking incident in Manipur sheds light on the prevailing issue of gender-based violence in India. Despite progress in various fields, the country continues to grapple with deep-rooted patriarchal attitudes that perpetuate such atrocities.

Role of Social Media in Raising Awareness

The viral video served as a catalyst, spreading awareness about the incident far beyond Manipur’s borders. Social media played a pivotal role in mobilizing public opinion and pushing for justice.

Steps Towards Justice and Rehabilitation

Strengthening Legal Framework

The incident underscores the need to strengthen the legal framework to tackle gender-based violence effectively. Laws should be made more stringent, and law enforcement agencies should receive better training to handle such cases sensitively.

Empowering Survivors

Support and rehabilitation of survivors are crucial in their journey towards healing. Specialized counseling services, legal aid, and social support should be readily available to ensure the survivors’ well-being.

manipur violence viral video
manipur violence viral video


  1. Is gender-based violence prevalent only in Manipur?

    No, gender-based violence is a nationwide issue in India, affecting women across various regions and communities.

  2. What legal actions have been taken against the perpetrators?

    Several suspects have been arrested, and the case is being heard by a CJI-led bench in the Supreme Court.

  3. How can society play a role in preventing such incidents?

    By raising awareness, challenging patriarchal norms, and supporting survivors, society can contribute to preventing gender-based violence.

  4. What are some measures to rehabilitate survivors of such violence?

    Specialized counseling, legal aid, and social support are essential in the rehabilitation process.

  5. What can the government do to address gender-based violence effectively?

    The government should strengthen laws, provide better training for law enforcement, and create a conducive environment for survivors to seek justice.


The Manipur violence incident has shaken the nation and brought attention to the urgent need for addressing gender-based violence. The collective outcry from the public and the survivors’ determination to seek justice are vital steps towards building a safer society for all.

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