Creative Walsall Unites Artists and Poets for Inspiring Collaboration at The Crossing

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Joint collaboration between Walsall Society of Artists and poets in the town

The joint collaboration between the Walsall Society of Artists and poets in the town aims to provide a platform for all forms of creativity to be heard and appreciated. By bringing together visual artists and poets, Creative Walsall aims to foster a sense of community and support among local artists while showcasing their talents to the public. This collaboration recognizes the importance of different art forms working together harmoniously and believes in the power of artistic expression to uplift individuals and communities.

Bringing Together Different Art Forms

Creative Walsall brings together visual artists and poets, acknowledging that both art forms have unique qualities that can enhance and complement each other. Visual artists can find inspiration in poetry, creating artwork that reflects the themes or emotions conveyed in poems. Similarly, poets can draw inspiration from visual art, using paintings or sculptures as prompts for their writing. By collaborating, these artists can create powerful and evocative works that engage multiple senses.

Promoting Unity Among Artists

Creative Walsall aims to promote unity among artists by providing a space where they can come together, share their experiences, and support each other’s artistic endeavors. The collaboration encourages dialogue between visual artists and poets, fostering a sense of community where ideas can be exchanged freely. By working together, artists can amplify their voices and gain recognition for their work in a supportive environment.

Purpose of Creative Walsall

The purpose of Creative Walsall is to revive and celebrate the arts in Walsall following the challenges faced by the artistic community during the pandemic. It serves as a catalyst for bringing diverse creative talents together under one platform. By organizing events that showcase different art forms, Creative Walsall aims to engage the public and foster a sense of appreciation for the arts in the local community. Additionally, the collaboration between artists and poets seeks to create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and future artistic endeavors in Walsall.

Reviving the Arts After the Pandemic

One of the key objectives of Creative Walsall is to revive the arts scene in Walsall following the detrimental impact of the pandemic. The arts, like many other sectors, suffered greatly during lockdowns and restrictions. By launching Creative Walsall, the organizers hope to reignite interest and participation in various art forms, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and rebuild their careers.

Celebrating Artistic Diversity

Creative Walsall celebrates artistic diversity by bringing together artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. The collaboration includes visual artists working across various mediums such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media, as well as poets with a range of styles and voices. This diversity creates an enriching environment where different perspectives can be shared, leading to innovative collaborations and creative growth.

Launch details of Creative Walsall

Creative Walsall, a collaboration between the Walsall Society of Artists and local poets, is set to launch with an exciting evening of art, poetry, and live performances. The launch event will take place on Thursday at The Crossing at St Paul’s Coffee House, followed by a second event at the same venue two days later. The aim of Creative Walsall is to provide a platform for all forms of creativity in the town to be heard and celebrated. This joint venture hopes to give artists and performers the opportunity to work together, showcase their talents, and inspire the community.

During the launch event, attendees can expect a vibrant display of artwork from local artists, captivating poetry readings from renowned poets such as Tina J Cox, Laura Liptrot, Mark Ingram, Ian Davies, Phil Buckley, Brendan Hawthorne, Glyn Phillips, Dr Paul McDonald, and Mickey Angel. There will also be open mic opportunities for members of the public who wish to share their creative expressions. This inclusive approach aims to foster community engagement and encourage individuals from all walks of life to participate in future events.

To stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives related to Creative Walsall or to get involved in this exciting artistic movement in the community, interested individuals can contact David McGuire at or Ian Henery at Together, let’s celebrate the arts in Walsall and support local creativity!

Exciting Launch Event Program

– Art exhibition showcasing diverse artworks by talented local artists
– Poetry readings by renowned poets including Tina J Cox, Laura Liptrot, Mark Ingram,
Ian Davies, Phil Buckley, Brendan Hawthorne,Glyn Phillips,Dr Paul McDonald,Mickey Angel.
– Live performances featuring various artistic disciplines
– Open mic opportunity for public participation

Contact Information

For inquiries about Creative Walsall and future event contributions, please contact:
– David McGuire at
– Ian Henery at

Involvement in the project from artists and organizers

Creative Walsall has garnered significant involvement from artists and organizers in the community who are passionate about promoting and celebrating the arts. The project is a joint venture between the Walsall Society of Artists and poets in the town, creating a collaborative platform for all forms of creativity to flourish.

The Walsall Society of Artists, led by Chairman David McGuire, recognized the devastating impact that the pandemic had on the arts industry. They felt an urgent need to revitalize and uplift the artistic community in Walsall. By partnering with local poets and performers, they aim to provide opportunities for artists to showcase their work, perform live, and collaborate with fellow creatives.

Ian Henery, former Walsall’s Poet Laureate in 2021-22, also became part of this inspiring project. He was approached by the chair of the board of directors at The Crossing, who expressed interest in increasing community activities at the center. Recognizing Ian’s involvement in poetry and his contribution as a poet laureate, she proposed collaborating on a project with both the society of artists and The Crossing.

To ensure high-quality performances that would captivate audiences at short notice, Ian recruited a group of esteemed poets known for their excellence in practice. This “commando team” consists of talented individuals who have showcased their work at prestigious events such as Wolverhampton Arts and Literature Festival, Walsall Festival of Words, Raising Steam festival, and Lakeside Live.

The collaboration between artists, poets, organizers like David McGuire from Walsall Society of Artists, Ian Henery as a renowned poet, and The Crossing promises to invigorate the arts scene in Walsall and create a vibrant platform for expression and collaboration.

Role of Walsall Society of Artists

Led by Chairman David McGuire, the Walsall Society of Artists plays a crucial role in driving Creative Walsall forward. Their aim is to provide a space for artists to work, perform, and demonstrate together. The society recognizes the challenges faced by artists due to the pandemic and aims to support them by creating opportunities for their voices to be heard.

Ian Henery’s Contribution as Poet Laureate

Ian Henery’s involvement brings his valuable experience as Walsall’s Poet Laureate in 2021-22. As an established poet himself, he understands the poetry scene in Walsall and has been instrumental in recruiting a talented team of poets for Creative Walsall. His knowledge and connections ensure that Creative Walsall will feature high-quality poetry performances that inspire and engage audiences.

Ian Henery’s involvement in the project

Ian Henery, Walsall’s former Poet Laureate, is heavily involved in the Creative Walsall project. His collaboration with the chair of the board of directors at The Crossing has been instrumental in bringing together poets and artists to create a platform for all forms of creativity in the town. Ian received an email from the chair, who was keen to promote arts and culture and recognized Ian’s experience and involvement in the poetry scene. They decided to collaborate on a project with the Walsall Society of Artists, who were planning an exhibition at The Crossing.

To make this collaboration successful, Ian recruited a group of talented poets known as his “commando team.” These poets have proven excellence in their practice and have showcased their work at various festivals including Wolverhampton Arts and Literature Festival, Walsall Festival of Words, Raising Steam festival, and Lakeside Live. Some notable members of his team include Tina J Cox, Laura Liptrot, Mark Ingram, Ian Davies, Phil Buckley and Brendan Hawthorne, Glyn Phillips, Dr Paul McDonald, and Mickey Angel.

Through his efforts in recruiting these skilled poets, Ian aims to deliver quality work and performances that will captivate audiences. With his dedication to fostering creativity within the local community, Ian Henery plays a crucial role in driving forward the Creative Walsall initiative.

Collaboration between Poets and Artists

The partnership between poets and artists is at the core of Creative Walsall. By bringing these two creative communities together under one platform, it creates opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and artistic expression. This collaboration allows poets to interact with visual art forms such as paintings or sculptures while also giving artists access to poetic compositions that can serve as inspiration for new artwork.

The joint exhibition at The Crossing showcases this synergy by featuring artworks alongside accompanying poems. This combination enhances the viewer’s experience and creates a deeper connection between visual art and the written word. The collaboration between poets and artists not only enriches the creative process but also expands the boundaries of artistic expression in Walsall.

Inclusive Open Mic Events

Creative Walsall aims to engage and involve the public, giving them an opportunity to participate in future events. As part of this effort, an open mic event will be held at The Crossing, where members of the community can showcase their own creative talents. Whether it be poetry, music, or any other form of performance art, individuals from all backgrounds are encouraged to step forward and share their work.

These inclusive open mic events foster a sense of community and provide a supportive platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure. By encouraging public participation, Creative Walsall ensures that everyone has a chance to contribute and make their voices heard within the vibrant artistic landscape of Walsall.

Recruitment of poets for the project

The recruitment process for poets to be part of the Creative Walsall project was a meticulous one. The goal was to gather a team of talented and experienced poets who could deliver exceptional work and performances at short notice. Each poet that was recruited had a proven track record of excellence in their practice, some having previously performed at renowned festivals such as the Wolverhampton Arts and Literature Festival, Walsall Festival of Words, the Raising Steam festival, and Lakeside Live.

The selection process focused on identifying individuals who would add value to the project and complement each other’s styles and strengths. Among the poets chosen were Tina J Cox, Laura Liptrot, Mark Ingram, Ian Davies, Phil Buckley and Brendan Hawthorne, Glyn Phillips, Dr Paul McDonald, and Mickey Angel. These accomplished poets brought their unique voices and perspectives to the collaboration, enriching the project with their creativity.

Poets’ Recognition:

– Tina J Cox: Known for her evocative poetry that explores themes of identity and empowerment.
– Laura Liptrot: A poet who captures emotions with vivid imagery and lyrical language.
– Mark Ingram: Renowned for his thought-provoking poetry that delves into societal issues.

Previous Performances:

– Wolverhampton Arts and Literature Festival
– Walsall Festival of Words
– The Raising Steam festival
– Lakeside Live

Overall, the recruitment process aimed to assemble a diverse group of poets who would contribute to making Creative Walsall a dynamic platform for artistic expression.

Public participation in future events and how to get involved

Public participation in future events and how to get involved
Creative Walsall is not just an exclusive venture for artists but also invites active public participation in its future events. The organizers understand the importance of involving the community in shaping the cultural landscape of Walsall. Through this project, they aim to create a platform where artists and the public come together to celebrate and engage with various forms of creativity.

To get involved in future events hosted by Creative Walsall, interested individuals can contact either David McGuire ( or Ian Henery ( Whether you are an artist looking to showcase your work, a performer seeking opportunities to share your talent, or an arts enthusiast eager to support and contribute to the local arts scene, there are avenues for everyone to participate.

Creative Walsall encourages collaboration and intersectionality among different creative practices. By involving the public in their events, they foster a sense of community ownership and pride in the rich artistic heritage of Walsall. Whether attending performances, participating in workshops, or volunteering behind the scenes, each individual has the opportunity to contribute to the thriving arts ecosystem in the town.

Ways to Get Involved:

1. Attend Events: Keep an eye out for upcoming events organized by Creative Walsall and make sure to mark your calendars.
2. Contribute: If you’re an artist or performer, consider showcasing your talents at Creative Walsall events.
3. Volunteer: Offer your time and skills as a volunteer during events or behind the scenes.
4. Spread the Word: Help promote Creative Walsall by sharing information about their initiatives on social media platforms or within your personal networks.

By actively participating in Creative Walsall’s endeavors, individuals can play a crucial role in shaping and nurturing the arts community in Walsall.

Upcoming events and initiatives related to Creative Walsall

Upcoming events and initiatives related to Creative Walsall
Creative Walsall is poised to host a series of exciting upcoming events and initiatives that will further ignite artistic expression throughout the town. These events seek to engage both artists and members of the public in an immersive and collaborative exploration of various art forms.

Art Exhibition and Poetry Reading:

One of the upcoming events will be an art exhibition combined with a poetry reading. Artists from Walsall and beyond will have the opportunity to showcase their visual creations, while the poets associated with Creative Walsall will recite their compelling verses. This event aims to create a dialogue between different artistic mediums, fostering inspiration and connection among artists and attendees alike.

Workshops for Emerging Artists:

Creative Walsall recognizes the importance of nurturing local talent. To support emerging artists in their journey, they will be organizing workshops that provide valuable guidance and mentorship. These workshops seek to equip aspiring artists with essential skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities, empowering them to thrive in their creative pursuits.

Collaborative Performances:

In the spirit of collaboration, Creative Walsall is planning performances that bring together artists from different disciplines. Musicians, dancers, poets, and visual artists will join forces to create unique and immersive experiences for audiences. By blurring the boundaries between art forms, these performances aim to inspire awe and captivate the imaginations of all who attend.

These upcoming events are just a glimpse into the vibrant artistic tapestry that Creative Walsall is weaving within the community. By providing platforms for artists to express themselves freely while inviting public engagement, Creative Walsall is setting the stage for a culturally rich future in Walsall.

Impact of the pandemic on arts in Walsall and challenges faced by artists and performers

Impact of the pandemic on arts in Walsall and challenges faced by artists and performers
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the arts scene in Walsall. Artists and performers faced numerous challenges as live performances were canceled or postponed indefinitely due to lockdown restrictions. The closure of venues left many without platforms to showcase their talents or earn income from their craft.

The pandemic also disrupted the interconnected web of collaboration and support that thrives within the arts community. Artists and performers, who thrive on interaction and shared experiences, were suddenly isolated from their peers and audiences. This lack of connection created a sense of uncertainty, anxiety, and loss.

Furthermore, the economic impact of the pandemic exacerbated the challenges faced by artists and performers. With limited opportunities for income generation, many individuals within the arts industry struggled to sustain themselves financially. The closure of traditional venues and galleries created additional barriers to showcasing and selling their work.

Despite these challenges, artists in Walsall embraced resilience and adaptability. Many turned to digital platforms or explored innovative ways to continue creating and sharing their art remotely. Virtual exhibitions, online performances, and collaborative projects emerged as creative solutions to bridge the gap caused by social distancing measures.

However, even as restrictions ease, artists still face ongoing challenges in regaining momentum and rebuilding their careers. Creative Walsall recognizes these hardships and aims to provide tangible support to artists through its initiatives. By offering platforms for exposure, networking opportunities, workshops, and collaboration spaces, Creative Walsall seeks to uplift artists in Walsall during these challenging times.

Challenges Faced by Artists:

– Cancelled or postponed live performances
– Lack of platforms for showcasing work
– Isolation from peers and audiences
– Economic hardships due to limited income opportunities
– Closure of traditional venues

Though adversity persists, Creative Walsall endeavors to be a beacon of hope for artists by fostering an environment that nurtures creativity while addressing the unique challenges posed by the pandemic.

Supporting and uplifting artists through Creative Walsall according to David McGuire and Ian Henery

David McGuire, Chairman of the Walsall Society of Artists, along with Ian Henery – former Poet Laureate of Walsall – emphasize the crucial role played by Creative Walsall in supporting and uplifting artists within the community.

Recognizing the immense damage caused by the pandemic to the arts in general, McGuire underscores the urgency of providing opportunities for artists to rebuild and thrive. He acknowledges that additional constraints triggered by the current economic situation make it even more critical to uplift artists and provide them with platforms for their creative work.

Henery’s involvement in the project stemmed from an invitation by The Crossing’s board of directors, who aimed to turn it into a hive of community activity. Henery, having been Walsall’s Poet Laureate and involved in the local poetry scene, found a shared vision with the board chair. Together, they devised a collaboration between the Walsall Society of Artists and poets, aligning their efforts to promote arts and culture within Walsall.

According to Henery, recruiting a team of exceptional poets was essential for delivering quality work and performances at short notice. Each poet brought excellence to the project through their practice and prior experiences performing at esteemed events such as Wolverhampton Arts and Literature Festival, Walsall Festival of Words, Raising Steam festival, and Lakeside Live.

Through Creative Walsall, McGuire, Henery, and other collaborators aim to create an environment that not only supports artists but also fosters connections between different artistic disciplines. By bringing together artists from various backgrounds, Creative Walsall seeks to amplify their voices collectively while providing them with resources and opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, both McGuire and Henery share a deep commitment to nurturing creativity in Walsall. They envision Creative Walsall as a catalyst for revitalizing the arts scene post-pandemic by empowering artists through support networks and collaborative endeavors.

In conclusion, Chris Kaba’s original video showcases his uniquely creative talent and has successfully captivated a wide audience, making it go viral. With its innovative approach and compelling content, the video has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on viewers worldwide.

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